K-selected fashion and R -selected fashion

 I know, I know, what happened to October Sarging 3rd and 4th week!!! I have not stopped daygaming of course. I went out, had upsets, got mind fucked, re-analysed my game, got some help and recovered. Now at 800 sets, still 0 lays but I learned valuable lessons which unlocked another level of my game. I will leave that story for another blog post where I will capture my tale during the 2 last weeks of the chill October autumn in Lyon.

Now, lets talk about K/R selections. This is a short post, something simple, nothing fancy, but stung me like a bee to the heart. Jimmy Jambone ,Krauser and other gamers have vastly talked and written about this mindblowing scientific theory. Each of them with different views of course.So basically,


R-selected : The lover or player

K-selected : The boyfriend or provider


R- dressing style

Each of these categories has their own dressing style which creates the appropriate vibe. So technically, R-selected men, the so-called players,serial seducers and the wannabe PUA(once me), would opt for the bad boy style. Leather jackets, skull sketched T-shirt, dark jeans and randy boots. Well, I agree, all these gives a real masculine vibe or even better, a strong “Alpha” model appearing on Harley Davidson ads. Now wait!Wait!Wait! Look back at the picture above, look at the black guy(dark-skinned guys such as me included here). How he would look without the unclassy accessories. Like a mafia war leader. His facial features radiates masculinity, the R- selected dressing style amplifies it even further. The headphone, nasty shoes in his right hand, the old man coat in his left hand and the chode like bag at least prevents the FBI or CIA from locking the man down in the dark dirty cellar. He is safe, at least for the time being.

Being stupid and ignorant,I followed the R-selected fashion style theory blindly, thinking that the multiplied bad boy light will help me bang chicks(I don’t carry shoes or bags of course). In the end, it’s just a theory. It worked for Krauser and probably some other daygamers , but let’s admit it, he is white and has a baby face. Dressing the R way brings a dangerous mysterious aura around him which neutralizes his baby face. I in return ,look like a bad boy from top to bottom, not boasting, people around me said it before. Going gangster backfired, and backfired badly. A step further, the geography or the environment of the day game venue plays a role. Dressing up is compulsory in France, if you do daygame then it’s mandatory, or else just stay at home, play video games and suck on a popsicle. I learned this quite late, my ego crushed, but was glad that I made the much-needed changes to my style. I go with a blazer, chinos and dressing shoes since the turmoil. This flipped the switch and the results were lightly electrifying. I rarely had blatant blowouts where the girl ignores me completely. The first impression worked wonders. As a beginner, this is vital as we can appear uncalibrated during certain sets. I understand why those chodes that I met in Lyon don’t come out anymore. For any players who is aiming to shoot your arrow in France, get your style game tight and go for K- dressing style.

Okay, now let’s go a bit more forward. How would a white guy with baby face look if he dresses the K – way.

(Left: Classy) (Right: Chode)

The college nerd on the right is a surreal pussy repellent. Losing those dorky glasses and replacing the blazer with a leather jacket and tight jeans might do him some good. His hair needs some adjustment too. A bit of saliva plus bubble gum would work I guess. The black guy on the left meanwhile ooze pure coolness. He would probably get a few IOI’s on the street from girls preying on dark skin. R or K does not matter. However, striking a balance between these two with what you were born with  is a must.


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